Editor Message QUOTES TO LIVE BY................... This month I struggled with my message, so I decided to leave you with some quotes that I’ve made up and some that you’ve heard before. I hope these help in whatever you may be going through in life. There is no competition ONLY PURPOSE – This has been a quote that I’ve held onto for the last year. I know that my life has a purpose and because of that purpose no one or anything can stand in my way. I’m competing against no one. I’m living out my purpose and enjoying every moment of it! Get comfortable with being UNCOMFORTABLE – I currently live in this space and through most of my life, I’ve been comfortable with the people, spaces, and circumstances. I’m not doing things that I don’t always believe I’m qualified to do. I have conversations with people who challenge my thinking, and changes have been made in my life that make me see a different point of view. I now embrace uncomfortableness. Live your BEST Life – We only get once chance at life. There are no do overs and when life comes to an end, that’s it. I’ve decided to live my best life which is different for each one of us. I know what I’m gifted it, and I know what I’m supposed to be doing in this season in my life, and everything I do, I want to do it at my BEST. LOVE while you have the chance– There are many different definitions of love based on your life circumstances. The world defines it one way, the church defines it another, people around you have their take on it. I’ve made the decision to open my heart to others and do my best to love people where they are. For me, I want to love people no matter what. That includes my significant other, kids, parents, friends, acquaintances, enemies, business partners, etc. These four letters have messed with me my entire life. Growing up love has changed for me. In my late 30’s I decided I wanted to love people no matter what. No matter if they like me, hate me, are jealous of me, are sick and tired of me, or want to see me do great things. Since I have made that request, I’ve had some rough people in my life. I don’t give up on people easily. I listen to understand and do all I can to love them if they’re having the best or the worst day……….. I choose LOVE! When you FALL DOWN, get UP – I have fell down so much that I shouldn’t even want to get back up, but I believe when we fall don’t we normally look up anyways? I will admit when I fall, I don’t immediately get back up, but I can’t stay down forever. I remember going to church one Sunday and I literally fell down to the ground. I was in the middle of the street, and I stayed down for a little bit. I looked up to the sky and after a few minutes, I got back up. Life is just the same way. You will hurt someone’s feelings, end a relationship, lose a job, and many other life circumstances can happen, but don’t let it keep you down. Get up! You can make it! LISTEN to others – One of the great gifts you can give someone is to listen to them. Think of the last time you listened to someone without interrupting them. I do a lot of listening because it’s important for me to hear people. I believe everyone is looking for someone to listen to them and that’s it. Try listening you will learn so much about a person when you do. Life is a JOURNEY – The journey in life will bring you through everything. Your path might start smooth and you feel everything is going right, and then your journey encounters a bump in the road that might have you stagnant for a while, but the journey continues. Everyone’s journey is different. I desire to help people on my journey, love people on my journey, support people on my journey, and live life like it could be the last day. I hope you all are enjoying your journey in life and that you are living your best life. Dwana Bradley -Dwana Bradley Dwana Bradley , Editor of Urban Experience Magazine August 2019 The URBAN EXPERIENCE 9

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