BEAUTY TIPS Meditation is simply control over your thoughts- instead of going through our lives and our days allowing the music we listen to or that phone call from our girl friend to dictate our emotions and actions. We will now live with purpose ON PURPOSE. Meditation can be done anywhere! On your lunch break, in the bathtub, or even laying in bed. Once you find yourself with a moment alone try and dedicate that time to you. Cancel out everything around you. Don’t think about work, friends or even what’s for dinner. Use this moment to listen. Decide for yourself what will be the thought of interest for this moment. Ex: If happiness is your thought for the moment, think about what happiness looks like for you. What happiness feels like for you. Even try to visualize the Happiness. Once you’ve decided what the thought will be, think only about that thought. Visualize that thought. Every time your mind tries to wonder off bring it back to that thought. In the beginning try to start with 1-2min per time. Eventually you’ll be able to meditate longer times as needed! Sitting alone with just your thoughts... Sounds simple right!? Our hope is that this exercise will help when dealing with hard situations. Which will positively impact your internal health, and in turn radiate your external beauty. Please follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with our upcoming events and beauty specials and giveaways. Also be sure to comment on our feedback post about subjects you all would like to see us cover in Urban Experience Magazine. August 2019 The URBAN EXPERIENCE 33 D C G f L

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