COMMUNITY pain! Some of the things that you have endured in your life have not been fair, but it is also not your burden to carry to your grave alone! You don’t have to suffer in silence anymore. It takes courage to talk, but I believe in each of you. Our lives are not unpredictable; it is a direct result of every decision we make! When you choose not to talk, whether you realize it or not, you are choosing depression and loneliness over the beautiful life you could potentially have if you are willing to set yourselves free. I have been surrounded by many people that loved me in my lifetime, and I still felt lonely inside. Why? Because I had unexpressed pain, and even in the moments I wanted to talk, I didn’t because I had a lack of trust for others. There is a time and place to be the protector and the provider, but you also have to know that you cannot be “superman” all the time! At some point, “Clark Kent” needs to make an appearance so you can be healed of the emotional trauma that you have undoubtedly suffered. Join me, and let’s change the narrative of what we teach our young boys together! Let’s choose expression over silence. Take the pledge to put pride under our feet, and win our lives back! Talk to someone today, and let us become “Men Above Pride!” After all, our boys, the future generation, are following our lead. Show them that feelings are ok, and allow them to express those feelings without the fear of being judged and ridiculed. We owe that to ourselves, our sons, and the future of our communities. Free yourselves! Terry Howell is a freelance writer in the Des Moines area whose topics of discussion will be centered around male vulnerability, male pride and the mental well-being of men. His emphasis is on the AfricanAmerican community.Terry did his undergraduate studies at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, MI. He is passionate about conveying the importance for men to express their emotions, and break the silence of their inward struggles with confidence and August 2019 The URBAN EXPERIENCE 27 courage. He is the Executive Director of his company TH Consultants, LLC where he specializes in various writing services, and has started a Men’s Movement called, “Men Above Pride” which will be holding meetings in the Des Moines area soon.

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