Over the years, my father has served as a board member, and commissioner, of the National Juneteenth Observance Foundation http://www. nationaljuneteenth.com. In 2011, he successfully initiated efforts to design and produce an Iowa Juneteenth Patch for the Mid-Iowa Council - Boy Scouts of America. In 2015, my father initiated efforts to transfer custodianship of the Iowa Juneteenth Observance to what is now the Urban Experience Magazine https:// to primarily operate his consulting business, he repeatedly set aside his business pursuits to respond to pleas from the community for his assistance. The countless hours he has worked in service to the state community has been his priority. Ranking high on his priority list was Juneteenth. Nine years ago, my father’s sister, Carolyn A. LawsonMills, who lived in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, contacted her local State Representative about pursuing legislation in Pennsylvania to officially When my father was made aware that his sister’s work with Juneteenth was about to be completed in Pennsylvania, he was ecstatic https://www. pennlive.com/news/2019/06/ when-juneteenth-is-madeofficial-wednesday-in-paone-harrisburg-family-willhave-special-reason-tocelebrate.html. On June 19, 2019, a historic event took place in Pennsylvania as Governor Tom Wolf signed the Juneteenth legislation into law during a special ceremony in his office. Dad, I’m proud of you and what you have personally sacrificed in service to the people of Iowa! www.desmoinesregister. com/story/news/local/ community/2015/11/28/ iowa-juneteenthobservance/76489858/. I began this article with wanting to express my appreciation for the tireless work my father is doing in Iowa. Practically all of this was done through the Connect Foundation (a non-profit organization he founded) and Quality Management Services (a consulting business he established). Although my father left state government recognize Juneteenth as a state holiday observance. My aunt continued pursuing the Juneteenth legislation until her death on October 28, 2018. Following her death, work continued on establishing Juneteenth as an official holiday observance in Pennsylvania until legislation was finally passed by both the House and Senate in the Pennsylvania General Assembly earlier this year, and Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf prepared to sign the Juneteenth legislation into law. The event was attended by her son, Larry Mills, Jr., and a host of state officials and community leaders. In addition, a historic achievement was complete as my father and aunt became the only known siblings who spearheaded efforts that led to official Juneteenth holiday observance laws in their respective states of residence.

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