COMMUNITY Arts & Music Judge McGhee: We were going in and out of offices and trying to get someone to go with the concept of having an African American piece. Your talking to people who barely know who you are, and they can’t begin to understand why you want to have this done, and you can explain it to them and they are like ok, but why would you want to recognize that. For a while there we would go in and out of lawyer’s offices and make presentations. We figured things out. It’s an important project because of the need for us to have more things to show that we did it our way. We did it our way and it worked, that’s why it’s important, look at these founders, they were denied something, and this is very important for young people to understand. We don’t have to wait, we just do it ourselves. As we go forward we need to understand that we have to do things ourselves. You can get there even if you’re asking for nickels and dimes. You can do what you want to do if you plan and work, you have to work for it. You can do it. Dwana: While talking to these three I understood the importance of the monument and the dedication that was given to make sure those who started the National Bar Association were remembered. It was five individuals who started the journey and partnered with other to make something of their own, and for that they should be recognized, discussed, and their story should be told by all. I thank Judge McGhee, Judge Hamilton, and Dr. Vicky Long-Hill for taking their time to talk with me. Take the time to learn about a Monumental Journey. You can visit the Des Moines Public Art Foundation’s website at https://dsmpublicartfoundation.org. Make sure you stop by and visit the monument. Have a conversation while your there and tell all about the rich history we have here in our city. Next month check out our story on Dr. Vicky Long-Hill she was a recipient of the Gertrude Rush award and she is someone you will want to know. August 2019 The URBAN EXPERIENCE 17 RICKI KING Ricki@RootsToBranchesGenealogy.com www.RootsToBranchesGenealogy.com

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