Journal of IiMER Volume 13 Issue 1 Invest in ME Research Fifty years ago, we celebrated the anniversary of the first moon landing. The amazing photograph showed earth as seen from the moon for the first time. How amazing, even today, to see this image and imagine that this could be achieved with computing power less than is now available in a mobile phone, and with technology that seems ancient by today’s norms. Yet who would have thought that fifty years would go by and people with ME would still have no specialist services, no treatments, no funding for fundamental biomedical research? For ME we are still discussing the criteria, the name, the politics. We are still frustrated that there is no adequate research funding. We still suffer – at least since the beginning of this decade – of the evil that is the biopsychosocial (BPS) doctrine. We should have made far more progress than has been the case in fifty years. Yet ME has failed to achieve the progress that other areas of medicine and science have enjoyed. ME has been forced into a retarded development due to the malign forces that have kept a few in positions of influence and power in order to support policies that have long been known to be damaging. Patients have been played. And who benefits from this continued stalling of progress? Progress with ME may well depend on some of the above mentioned developments in science, technology and medicine. The view regarding ME fifty years had seemed to be, until recent years, as bleak as the moon must have appeared to the crew of Apollo 8. Yet we can hope that even the most entrenched of establishment policies will finally be swept away. Fifty years ago we were amazed to see our world from another celestial body in all its splendour. Another fifty years cannot pass without seeing solutions to ME being realised. Status of ME 2018 - www.investinme.org/IIMER-Newslet-180601.shtml Invest in ME Research o an independent UK charity finding, funding and facilitating a strategy of high quality biomedical research into Myalgic Encephalomyelitis o focuses on biomedical research into ME and the education of healthcare staff, the media, government departments, patient groups and patients o run by volunteers with no paid staff - no funding from government or government organisations o overheads are kept to a minimum to enable all funds raised to go to promoting education of, and funding for biomedical research into, ME o a small charity with growing number of supporters with big hearts and determination to find the cause of myalgic encephalomyelitis and develop treatments o we have links nationwide and also internationally and facilitate international collaboration o founder member of the European ME Alliance (EMEA) o organises annual research Colloquium and public Conference attracting delegates from 20 countries o to bring best education and research to bear on ME and find/facilitate the best strategy of research o focused on setting up UK/European Centre of Excellence for ME to provide proper examinations and diagnosis for ME patients and coordinated strategy of biomedical research in order to find treatment(s) and cure(s) - http://www.cofeforme.org/centre o the charity welcomes support for our work – www.investinme.org/donate Invest in ME Research (Charity Nr. 1153730) investinme.org Page 8 of 52

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