Journal of IiMER Volume 13 Issue 1 Invest in ME Research Start Presentation Presenter 07.45 Registration 08.45 IiMER 09:00 #InvestinMEResearch 09:10 CDC update 09:25 NIH Update 09:45 Immune Dysregulation in ME/CFS 10.10 Fingerprinting the Phenotypes of ME/CFS Along the Gut-Immune-Brain Axis 10:35 Refreshments Break 11:05 Transient receptor potential ion channels in the aetiology and pathomechanism of CFS/ME 11:30 Pathophysiological Basis of Fibromyalgia 11:55 Characteristics and pathophysiologic changes in a large cohort of Danish ME-patients. 12.20 Lunch 13.20 Anne Örtegren Memorial Lecture: Pain and ME/CFS 13:45 Developments at Quadram Institute 14:05 Rituximab in ME/CFS: a randomised, doubleblind and placebo-controlled trial 14.30 Metabolic profiling and associations to clinical data in ME 14:55 Refreshments Break 15:25 Integrative Medicine Approach to Treatment of ME 15:50 Harvard Plans for Clinical Research 16:10 Physiological and fMRI measures before and after symptom provocation by invasive cardiopulmonary exercise testing 16:35 Stanford Metabolomics & Genetics Study Update 17:10 Plenary Session 17.30 Adjourn Invest in ME Research (Charity Nr. 1153730) investinme.org Professor Nancy Klimas Dr Ron Tompkins Dr Michael VanElzakker Professor Ron Davis Panel discussion Page 50 of 52 Professor Stuart Bevan Professor Simon Carding Dr Oystein Fluge Professor Karl Johan Tronstad Professor Don Staines Dr David Andersson Dr Jesper Mehlsen Opening Dr Ian Gibson Dr Elizabeth Unger Dr Vicky Whittemore Professor Maureen Hanson Assoc. Professor Mady Hornig

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