Journal of IiMER Volume 13 Issue 1 Invest in ME Research Following the 2002 CMO report in the UK, our then Chief Medical Officer told an IMET delegation that they wouldn’t intend to reinvent the wheel, but would follow the course laid down by the UK." GREECE "As far as the Government is concerned, it doesn’t have a clue about ME/CFS Greece does not have a specialist clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of ME/CFS" SWEDEN "..the psychosocial view is common, and there is a disturbing tendency to clump ME/CFS together with medically unexplained symptoms (MUS). However, there are a minority of doctors who recognise ME/CFS as a biomedical illness." POLAND "In Poland, the illness is largely perceived as being in the mind and not a biomedical condition. there is one center in Bydgoszcz where ME is diagnosed, but they then tell people to exercise" BELGIUM "ME is being perceived as a psychological disorder treated with CBT and GET despite the fact that the KCE (Federal Knowledge Centre for Health) issued a report in 2008 stating that this therapy given in the reference centres, wasn’t effective Getting diagnosed in Belgium usually takes a lot of time. With the available care facilities being ineffective and insufficient, patients with CFS have to wait sometimes years to receive a diagnosis." FRANCE "Support for ME/CFS patients in France is still very uncertain and often very difficult to obtain. Despite suffering very severely patients often find that their doctors willing to be updated at the international level with the fingers of a hand I've seen/read many other experts in the country say things that are completely out of tune with the international conception of the illness. lot of doctors have laughed at me when I told them I had CFS, others have told me I just needed to get a boyfriend... " LITHUANIA "Some doctors want to get rid of you as quick as possible, because your results are good. They think you are pretending or something. .......... I don’t think the government care, because this illness is invisible and there is not enough proof that it’s real." CZECH REPUBLIC "No diagnostic and therapeutic standards for ME / CFS have been introduced into clinical practice in the Czech Republic. Patient care depends on their luck whether they can find a doctor who does not solve whether or not he is diagnosed (and does not send everyone to psychiatry immediately), but he is treating real problems." We know that the evil of BPS has been allowed to spread its insidious network throughout Europe – like a cancer through each health system, corrupting doctors and research councils everywhere. At a time where the mess of Brexit seems like a microcosm of the unpredictability and the unravelling of the world today then one thing is certain – IiMER will still stay close to Europe via EMEA and other initiatives such as the European ME Clinicans Council (EMECC) concept. Leaving the EU will make no difference to the actual

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