Journal of IiMER Volume 13 Issue 1 Invest in ME Research Here we have some, just a few of the many stories written or told or emailed over the years – Some examples – Dr D. "I saw 2 GP's in the summer holidays. They were cold to the point of hostile when I had the temerity to suggest that I had ME/CFS." Sandra "I was interviewed by this supervisor every Monday and every Friday from then on. I felt like I was a criminal. She took me into a small office and every time asked how I was doing and how long would it be before I worked full time again because I was straining the section as they had to cover for my absence" Jim "And because of my test results, they no longer tell me my illness is in my head, they just won't accept ME as the cause.” C "I hope it demonstrates how utterly distressing it is for sufferers to not only cope with their ever deteriorating health, but to cope with supposedly professional people who use every opportunity to psychologically batter them into submission. " R ""you have ME, I am not going to waste time doing tests on you" " Julie " I felt humiliated and ridiculed by someone who was clearly a psychiatrist of some description " Cindy “Being in the medical profession I am angered and embarrassed by the way I'm treated with this illness." Shelley " I went to a Manchester hospital. That’s when my nightmare began. I felt really ill at that time and a sister said it was all in my mind. " There are longer stories too - see Further Reading below. The stories above reflect decades of suffering and are a call for doctors and healthcare staff to believe in patients. Healthcare staff need to remember -nobody really wants to live like this. Rose "So Rose had to do a 6 week diagnostic test for PRS with two 6-second sessions of physio, adding on 10% each week and starting with 10 minutes high activities. This included education, art therapy and visitors. Even if Rose was unconscious from blacking out then someone had to read to her and the curtains had to remain open - 10% each week." Invest in ME Research (Charity Nr. 1153730) investinme.org Page 25 of 52

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