Solve ME/CFS Initiative Solve ME/CFS Initiative (SMCI) has sponsored an IiMER conference for the first time but has already granted awards to two of the research groups which currently have research underway that is being funded by IiMER. Thank you SMCI. The Only Form of Graded Exercise Therapy Acceptable for People with ME Thanks to Paul Kayes Welcome to those attending Thinking the Future 2018, BRMEC8 Colloquium, IIMEC13 international ME Conference and European ME Alliance AGM. Welcome to London, Kathleen McCall In This Issue This issue of the journal contains views on the current state of research and advocacy in ME, looking at past mistakes and false views that still pervade the landscape today and have affected the perception and treatment of ME, and especially the research. Has research moved on? We have an opinion piece from Professor Ola Didrik Saugstad on the situation in Norway. If anyone were in doubt of the danger from lack of progress then the story of our friend, Anne Örtegren, is sobering. It is easy for patients to continue to believe in those who have failed them but we feel there are better choices. News from the Quadram Institute Bioscience ahead of their move to a state-of-the-art research, researchers such as Leonard Jason who still provides input to ME research. We have the UK Biobank presenting at our Colloquium – an article of the work of this national/international resource is in the Journal – answering the question what can the UK Biobank do for ME. IiMER continue to use our efforts to develop the UK/European Centre of Excellence for ME in Norwich Research Park. Exercise can be really beneficial for people with ME, but it needs to be the right kind of exercise. This is a list of activities for us to work through as part of a Graded Exercise programme. Don't take it on all at once, aim to undertake one exercise daily - IT WILL make you feel better, promise. ....................……................................. Exercises: Beat around the bush. Jump to conclusions. Climb up the walls. Wade through the morning paper. Drag my heels. Push my luck. Make mountains out of mole hills. Hit the nail on the head. Bend over backwards. Jump on the band wagon. Run around in circles. Toot my own horn. Pull out all the stops. Add fuel to the fire. Open a can of worms. Put my foot in my mouth. Start the ball rolling. Go over the edge. Pick up the pieces. What a Workout! Rest At Last. Face Book Time. Invest in ME research (Charity Nr. 1153730) www.investinme.org Page 5 of 56

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