Journal of IiMER dimensionality reduction analyses. One patient showed lower levels of perforin, explained by homozygosity for the PRF1 p.A91V variant, previously associated to haematological malignancies. Among the other patients however, this variant was present in heterozygous state at the expected population frequency, and no additional homozygous carriers were identified. In summary, the results of this study does not support the use of NK cell function as a biomarker for ME/CFS. Furthermore, it does not point to a general role for defects in lymphocyte cytotoxicity in the etiology for ME/CFS. Professor Geraldine Cambridge Dr Jo Cambridge is Professorial Research Associate, Div of Medicine Faculty of Medical Sciences, UCL Her group focuses its interests on B cell depletion (an idea which they introduced (with the Professor Jo Edwards) approximately 10 years ago for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis), exploring more precisely how the technique works and trying to explain the marked variation in response between different patients Fane Mensah Fane Mensah is a research assistant and PhD student studying the immunology of ME in Dr Jo Cambridge’s group at UCL. Fane’s main area of study is B-cell research. Abstract: Not available at time of going to press. www.investinme.org Page 72 of 82

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