Journal of IiMER Invest in ME Research Visit The CMO of England clinicians in other countries. Therefore, in this discussion we also used the knowledge and collaborative activities from discussions the charity has had with all of our international contacts. Recently Invest in ME Research again invited the Chief Medical Officer of England to our 12th International ME Conference in London [1]. Regrettably, this invitation was declined. However, after the continued orchestrated and misleading headlines relating to the PACE Trial II on children then we felt a new approach was required. In England, the CMO is a member of the board of the National Health Service (NHS), a civil servant in the Department of Health, and head of the medical civil service. So this presents us with an opportunity to cover failings in these areas. We must change the false view of ME constantly being represented by some organisations responsible for funding research and the media. The CMO has a duty to be informed - and support good research and clinical practice. Invest in ME Research therefore arranged a meeting with the CMO in London which will include our advisors and cover areas such as policy around ME since the last CMO report [3], epidemiology of ME, current/future international research, education regarding ME etc. Invest in ME Research is already approaching the issues around ME with an international context. We have already engaged with researchers and www.investinme.org Along with our colleagues in the European ME Alliance (EMEA) we are looking at ME in Europe and EMEA has been working very hard within the European Federation of Neurological Alliances (EFNA). We are also in continuing discussions with NIH on ways to improve diagnosis, research and treatments for ME. Regarding the CMO meeting - this is a UK problem -and therefore requires a UK strategy. Invest in ME Research therefore also invited the CMOs of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales to this meeting. But a Summit of CMOs for ME - sounded like something that could be useful. All of the UK's CMOs were invited to our 12th International ME Conference 2017 in London Invest in ME Research had requested a meeting with all four CMOs (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) and on Wednesday 11 January 2017 a meeting took place with the Deputy CMO of England Dr Gina Radford at Whitehall Court, London. Invest in ME Research previously wrote about our intention to engage with the Chief Medical Officers of the UK and appraise them of the research into ME that the charity is facilitating and the current issues which continue to exist and which we believe the CMOs have a duty to confront - A Summit of CMOs ATTENDEES:  Dr Gina Radford, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, England  Professor Jonathan Edwards (UCL)  Dr Ian Gibson Page 36 of 82

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