No Isolation E arlier this year Invest in ME Research were contacted by a Norwegian company who were interested in use this to publicise awareness of the effects of ME on children. promoting a product which aimed to reduce the isolation experienced by many younger people who were unable to attend school, or were cut-off from social contact due to illness. Obviously, the charity immediately saw the parallels with ME and the possibility of raising awareness of one of the least publicised side effects of this disease on patients, and their families. Our immediate reaction was how we can help We then invited the company – No Isolation – to take a table at the IIMEC12 conference and offered to work further to support this campaign. The charity does not normally advertise products, or businesses, but on this occasion we feel it is a worthwhile cause that could help alleviate some of the unnecessary suffering which careless or ignorant education systems inflict on sick children and their families. In this article from No Isolation researcher, Oda Opdal Zachrisen, the company’s product AV1 is described. The AV1 robot helps children and youths with ME In Norway, a small white robot has become a stand-in in the classroom for children and youths suffering from ME. The robot is now available in the UK. The Norwegian start up No Isolation has developed a robot that helps children and youths with long-term illness www.investinme.org Page 32 of 82

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