Journal of IiMER different laboratory skills and techniques but also got an insight into the biomedical research applied to ME/CFS. This was just as important as the technical part of the internship. Isabelle really enjoyed her time her and was very The article by Fane shows the importance of Invest in ME Research's strategy of international collaboration in research into ME. The meeting between Fane and Chris (and Zaher Nahle from Solve ME/CFS) came about because the charity invited all of them to the #BRMEC6 Colloquium. The article also demonstrates the importance of our strategy of funding students in research into ME - a strategy proven to be successful and making a real difference. Subscribe to our Newsletter ME QUOTES passionate about her project. She significantly contributed to the development of new protocols for our future experiments, and assisted me with ongoing projects related to the joint project with Christopher Armstrong. We were very proud of Isabelle when she finished her internship, which was examined based on her technical lab skills and final report, with 9.5/10. A great achievement from a great student! Her university was so impressed and satisfied with her achievements and progress in our group that they have asked us if we would be interested in future collaborations. From Invest in ME Research www.investinme.org "It is of the greatest importance to keep in mind the goal toward which one works in science, but it is also of equal importance to simply explore and define the 'new' while keeping that mind well prepared for finding new treasures. It is only through such efforts that we believe the etiology of CFS will be finally illuminated." Steven Tracy and Nora Chapman, University of Nebraska Medical Center: http://www.investinme.org/ArticleJ31Human Enteroviruses and Chronic Infectious Disease.shtml Page 19 of 82

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