Journal of IiME Volume 9 Issue 1 “Wessely Scool” particularly the PACE Study are null and void and CBT/GET with ir without antidepressants are comprehensively rejected leaving only the biomedical science to help understanding and guide treatment. Everything must now change - Government, NICE, DWP and the Insurance industry - if evidence-based medicine is accepted. If it is not the P2P judgement stands against them as charlatans, tricksters who no longer recognise truth , scientific or otherwise when it meets them. This is the greatest triumph of IiME whose support and commitment to truth have been vindicated. Invest in ME have enjoyed the support of many ME sufferers and carers. They merit the greatest thanks and credit for their vision and enormous amount of work which has been carried out over the last nine years. Congratulations to all who work so hard often behind the scenes to make the IiME conferences the success they are. The development of the Research Programmes and Colloquiums marked a new and impressive extension of the Conferences and is now bearing much good fruit and further enhancing the vision that was inaugurated with the original Conference. It is a pleasure and a joy to be associated with their vision and work the ME community owes them a great debt - long may they and the IiME conferences flourish. Malcolm Hooper ME PATIENT “Kaylah is going to do a sponsored horse ride. for IiME because she has struggled with ME since the age of 5!” – Claire from IiME’s JustGiving pages https://www.justgiving.com/investinm-e/ May 2015 M.E. and ME I ran, I swam, it’s who I am I laughed, had fun, enjoyed the sun. I was doing such when this begun. Felt a chill on a good warm day Aches and pains that won’t go away Like the flu, I heard it said But arms and legs are made of lead. Can’t remember what I was about to say Simple words have gone astray Can’t make a choice between two simple things Someone else is pulling my strings. I try to read, but it only drains Focussing harder, just scrambles my brains The dark clouds descend, lead to despair The weight of three men sinks into my chair No outward sign to give a clue No bandage, mark, no black and blue Strange, it seems I always look well Look from this side, then you could tell Remove the mask for a day to see The evil face of this beast called M.E. Like a thief in the night it takes away Your hope, your strength, your friends Your likes, your loves your chance to play And never makes amends All we want is to be believed And trusted when we say Hey GP, can’t you see We didn’t ask to be this way This is real, a real big deal As big as the ‘popular’ ills It needs to be taught, given some thought Not just a bundle of pills We don’t have a choice, we need a real voice Give us some hope TODAY So don’t be doubting, we’re gonna keep shouting We’re just not going away. By Bill Clayton Invest in ME (Charity Nr. 1114035) www.investinme.org Page 9 of 57

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