Journal of IiME Volume 9 Issue 1 study is supported by the Kavli Foundation. The clinical study is supported the Norwegian Research Council, the Norwegian Department of Health, the Regional Health Authorities, MEandYou crowd-funding, and the Norwegian ME Association. Finally, we will briefly report on a recently initiated phase II study exploring pulse infusions of another immune-modulating drug, cyclophosphamide, in three groups of totally 40 patients: the largest group consists of patients not previously in our intervention studies, another is non-responders to rituximab, and finally patients with response to rituximab and subsequently recurring. May 2015 ME PATIENT “The reason I’m so proud of one of the charities I support, Invest in ME, is because it is run entirely by a few volunteers who themselves either suffer with the illness or are parents of children with ME. There are no salaries; every penny that’s raised goes where it should go and alongside the Lets Do It For ME team who are also voluntary, what they have achieved is nothing short of phenomenal." - Stacy Hart, Watford Observer Invest in ME (Charity Nr. 1114035) www.investinme.org Page 54 of 57 C10 Conference DVD The IIMEC10 ConferenceDVD contains 4 discs and is in PAL format- and contains the full presentations from the 2015 conference plus plenary sessions, and the pre-conference dinner keynote speech by Mike Shepherd. Order it here http://www.investinme.eu/IIMEC10.shtml#dvd _____________________________________________ Check the IIMEC10 Conference Trailer

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