Journal of IiME Volume 9 Issue 1 May 2015 Journal of IiME IIMEC10 – 10 YEARS IIME Conferences M.E. and ME Invest in ME – 10 Years On How To Get Trials Reported ME: The Last and Next Ten Years ME/CFS – Through The Eyes of a Young Researcher Better from America? The True Battle with CFS Anna’s Story Matchstick Campaign for ME Speakers at IIMEC10 Agenda IIMEC10 3 8 9 10 12 17 22 24 34 39 43 44 54 As Invest in ME enters its tenth year as a UK charity then our tenth annual international conference – IIMEC10 – heralds perhaps the realisation of many patients and their families long held wish – that ME has finally entering a stage where sensible and credible research is being planned. That this is mainly due to the work and will of patients illustrates how much there is still to do – but the hard work of Invest in ME’s supporters is beginning to shape a better future. DISCLAIMER The views expressed in this Journal by contributors and others do not necessarily represent those of Invest in ME. No medical recommendations are given or implied. Patients with any illness are recommended to consult their personal physician at all times. Invest in ME was established in 2005 and became a UK charity in 2006. The charity trustees are composed of ME patients and parents of children with myalgic encephalomyelitis - ME. When the charity was formed the aim was to make a difference – to change the way ME was perceived by the society at large and researched by academic institutions, by campaigning for patients’ rights and providing a platform for better education about ME and the sparse research which was occurring. This has gradually evolved to include the objective to facilitate and initiate high quality biomedical research in top research institutions. Raising the profile of ME by improving the education of healthcare professionals about the disease, by raising awareness of the disease amongst the public and media and by facilitating and enabling an international strategy of biomedical research into the disease, has been a full time job for the charity trustees – despite it being performed when time permits, in evenings and weekends and holidays, and when the illness itself allows. Our conferences started in 2006, the same year that conference chairman, Dr Ian Gibson, produced the so called Gibson Report where a group of parliamentarians chaired by Dr Gibson Invest in ME (Charity Nr. 1114035) www.investinme.org Page 3 of 57 INVEST in ME COMMENT IIMEC10 - 10 YEARS

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