Journal of IiME Volume 8 Issue 1 Without giving away too much, Perversely Dark is also a film about love, perseverance soccer, presents, and Christmas songs, as well as a human transformation one would not believe it if not seen with one’s own eyes. Director and film company Perversely Dark, the documentary film by director Pål Winsents from Norway and Fenomen Film, recently premiered at Victoria Movie Theaters in Oslo, Norway on May 12 with 350 people. And the premiere was one of the headlines on National TV Broadcaster the same evening. Perversely Dark follows the somber sequestered lives of two ME/CFS patients and their survival struggle to regain health and activity. Perversely Dark is Pål Winsents’ ninth documentary film and his second thematic ME/CFS May 2014 film uniquely exploring the lives of this little known patient group while bringing their stories and voices into society’s light. His first ME/CFS themed film Få Meg Frisk (Heal Me!) featured partially functioning Anette Gilje, ME/CFS patient and former General Secretary of the Norwegian ME Association, through her desperate journey for treatment and proactive steps. In Perversely Dark Pål Winsents ventures even further and captures the anguishing worse case stories of two fulltime ME/CFS bed ridden patients and their families’ struggles over a six year period in which time ME/CFS patients flounder in the unknown about what is happening to their bodies while without treatment or cure available. The film will have English subtitles added. http://www.syktmorkt.no/ Invest in ME (Charity Nr. 1114035) www.investinme.org Page 35 of 52

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