Journal of IiME Volume 6 Issue 1 (June 2012) identifying the three key areas to concentrate our efforts on in order to raise funding for biomedical research - education, publicising and lobbying. This will provide the focus and funding to allow biomedical research to be carried out. Our aim is to bring together like-minded individuals and groups to campaign for research and funding to establish an understanding of the aetiology, pathogenesis and epidemiology of ME. We hope this will lead to the development of a universal diagnostic test that can confirm the presence of ME and, subsequently, medical treatments to cure or alleviate the effects of the illness We believe that governments should provide a national strategy of biomedical research into ME to produce treatments and cures for this illness. Since our last conference Invest in ME has been working to initiate an examination and research institute in Norfolk, UK, which would properly diagnose and then research people with ME. The proposal is available here and is described later in the Journal. Thanks to the efforts of the IiME steering group, which includes Dr Ian Gibson who has been working tirelessly to support this proposal, we have come within one decision of initiating this proposal and creating a unique UK scenario which would have the potential to lead the world. But vision is meaningless without action and we have to continue to debate, discuss and promote this work to enable others to see the possibilities. The unique blend of biomedical research, objective data presented by our distinguished speakers is testament to the increasing knowledge regarding myalgic encephalomyelitis. To repeat a line from a previous Journal, which is still relevant today - if a sea change in the perception of ME is occurring then it will be based on the good science and objective data (represented by our conference speakers), effective advocacy (represented by conference delegates from twenty different countries and from ME support organisations such as EMEA and AHMF working together across the world). Change will be forced by patients – the alternative in doing nothing is not an option. Invest in ME (Charity Nr. 1114035) Building a Future for Research into ME The Corridor Conference organised in London last year by IiME and the more impressive and forward-thinking CAWG research group which meets in London this year before the conference is our way of making progress in biomedical research into ME. We attract experts from other disciplines to bring their expertise and skills to bear on this disease. By doing this we can bypass the negativity and misinformation which has pervaded the perception of ME for a generation and instead focus on proper science. The Let’s Do It for ME campaign and our core group of supporters are helping to fashion a change in ME research and this is determination and enthusiasm will influence researchers – both within the ME research area and those from outside. The Invest in ME conferences bring together this optimism and determination in a happy mixture of wanting, needing to learn, optimism and hope that things will improve. At the conference there will be researchers, clinicians, nurses, patient groups and patients, advocates and, we always hope, a sprinkling of as many politicians, journalists and others whom Invest in ME selffund to allow people to be exposed to real science. We would like to thank our friends at the Irish ME Trust for once again sponsoring one of the speakers at the conference. The IiME conference is not only a platform for proper, high-quality science – we hope it continues to be a platform for the hopes of millions of people around the world. Enjoy the Journal. Enjoy the conference. Let’s do it for ME. All content in the Journal of IiME is copyright to Invest in ME and the authors. Permission is required and requested from Invest in ME before republishing anything in this Journal. www.investinme.org Page 5 of 108

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