Journal of IiME Volume 5 Issue 1 (May 2011) A UK Centre for Biomedical Research into ME  Allow healthcare staff to feel more comfortable with the diagnosis of ME/CFS being made  undertake comprehensive assessments and provide a care package for each patient to include carer and family support  Savings on existing consultant referrals and staff by concentrating ME/CFS examination in one area. TRAINING of HEALTHCARE STAFF The need for training in ME/CFS is one of the main areas of interest for the ISG. The proposed model would allow the GP network to have access to up to date information about ME/CFS including data on treatments and prognosis. Specialist advice for more complex cases across the country could be provided based on referrals from other PCTs. This in turn would complement the research database thus increasing knowledge and awareness of treatments. Models of care and appropriate care could be developed with packages for people with severe presentations. FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS This model would be developed in the future with an ambulatory service and/or tele-medical services being employed for those who are too ill to attend the hospital examination. Phlebotomy services would be provided for home visits to be made to allow the severely affected to participate in the research and allow treatments for these disenfranchised patients. We would seek to establish additional biomedical research projects to be undertaken by the university which would increase the knowledge about the disease and facilitate development of treatments for patients. In partnership with the charity more training courses would be arranged with visiting experts (researchers and clinicians) being able to share experiences and data and facilitate more education about the disease. Future developments would see the potential of referrals from other areas (and other countries) Invest in ME (Charity Nr. 1114035) to be created thus generating income and helping to establish the translational research and treatment facility as the foremost facility in Europe for treating myalgic encephalomyelitis. CHARITY SUPPORT Invest in ME are supporters of the WhittemorePeterson Institute (WPI) of Nevada, USA, and have funded UK research by WPI. The WPI have expressed their support for the charity‟s efforts in establishing a translational biomedical research base in Norwich and have agreed to cooperate. The charity also has European connections and links to other researchers and institutes in Europe and Australia. Our aim is to facilitate collaboration on biomedical research into ME. The foundations are therefore already in place to advance science and provide the promise of better treatment and possible restoration of function and lives back to a section of the community who have received very little help in the past. HOW TO LEARN MORE Contact Invest in ME at info@investinme.org. SUPPORT US Our objective is to establish a UK Centre of Excellence for Biomedical Research into ME. We will continue to campaign for this facility to be established. We welcome all support. Donations to the Invest in ME Biomedical Research Fund will be used to support the establishment of this facility. Help us by contributing to the Invest in ME Biomedical Research Fund for ME – http://tinyurl.com/ydh6whu ME FACTS In 1969 the World Health Organisation classified ME as a neurological disorder. In 1978 The Royal Society of Medicine accepted ME as a nosological entity. www.investinme.org Page 33/58

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