Journal of IiME Volume 5 Issue 1 (May 2011) A UK Centre for Biomedical Research into ME Training Figure 1 treatment of ME/CFS using a clinical biomedical lead consultant with GPs with special interest being connected to the service. Diagnosis and Clinical Examinations The examinations of people with ME/CFS would be commissioned by the PCT. Referrals to the university hospital would be via existing methods from GPs. An important issue is for early and correct diagnosis to be determined. The service would include a clinical biomedical lead consultant who would perform correct diagnosis (using the international standard Canadian Consensus Guidelines), perform a full examination using a standard clinical protocol and, once patients have been formally diagnosed as having ME, administer possible treatments and participate in biomedical research into the disease. Using a standard diagnostic and clinical protocol the service would allow a model of care and appropriate care packages for people with severe presentations and would establish and co-ordinate a clinical network and disseminate best practice across that Invest in ME (Charity Nr. 1114035) network. Follow-up examinations would be scheduled so that patients are provided with a service and possible treatments and results from any treatments would be fed back into a database which is administered between the university hospital and the university research faculty. GPs in the area with a special interest in ME would be used to assist and be trained in proper diagnosis and treatment of ME. Translat ional Biomedical Research A parallel but complementary element will be for translational biomedical research to be started by the university in association with other complementary research organisations. The university would undertake biomedical research into ME using cohorts of patients from those being examined at the university hospital and provide possible recommendations for treatment. The university research would be used for more rapid provision of possible treatments for Continued page 32 www.investinme.org Page 31/58

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