Journal of IiME Volume 5 Issue 1 (May 2011) International Science Symposium on ME Bond University, Queensland, Australia 3-4 December 2010 Bond University, Queensland, Australia. The first paper was by Nancy Klimas (Miami,USA), and she presented a systems biology approach to ME/CFS. She described CFS is a disorder of homeostatic imbalance. She briefly outlined her 25 year history of involvement with this illness, when initially she worked on the theory of a chronic immune activation syndrome, with an immunological focus. It was next recognised as a neuro-inflammatory disorder, and now genomics have become involved. She listed and described some of her current research work. One study involved an exercise challenge to induce relapse, looking at the gene expression and immune changes before, immediately after and 4 hours later. 3 matched groups were studied: Gulf War illness, CFS and controls. The exercise challenge was 8 minutes on an exercycle with measurement of VO2 max. The gene expression showed significant differences in those with GWI and CFS. (By case definition GWI and CFS meet the same criteria). Immunological pathways were similarly affected – these were mainly inflammatory, and the immune cascade led to many symptoms 4 hours later. Symptoms involved the endocrine, immune, autonomic and neurological systems. The genes regulating NK function which included abnormal perforin and granzyme levels were affected. She then went on to describes Broderick‟s 3 basic elements of analysis of immune signals, and related this to the states after the 8 minute challenge: 1. Those that looked different 2. 3. Those that hang out with a different crowd Those that behave differently (altered response dynamics) Invest in ME (Charity Nr. 1114035) The International Symposium on ME/CFS was organized by the Alison Hunter Memorial Foundation of Australia and Bond University in Brisbane and held in Brisbane on 3-4 December 2010. Invest in ME sponsored a researcher to the symposium. This was an important meeting and attracted new researchers to the field of ME and we feel this excellent summary by Rosamund Vallings needs to be published again to show the possibilities with research into ME. Dr Rosamund Vallings from New Zealand is the secretary and newsletter editor of the International Association for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME (IACFSME). Dr Vallings has over three decades of experience in the field of ME/CFS. She has written numerous summaries of medical ME/CFS conferences and meetings from around the world for the benefit of others. In 2008 she was appointed a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit (MNZM) for services to people with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). In this study there was persistent inflammation, a surge in immune interaction and an IL-1 “splash” effect. There was a huge cascade effect in 8 minutes and persisting 4 hours later. Homeostasis is “messed up” and needs to remodel. Continued page 23 www.investinme.org Page 22/58

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