Journal of IiME Volume 4 Issue 1 55tt hh I Innvveesstt iinn MMEE I In ern attiiona ME CFS 24 h 07:45 Registration 08:55 Welcome 09:05 09:50 10:35 11:15 11:35 12:20 12:50 13:40 14:25 15:10 15:30 15:45 16:40 17:30 In How Case Defin Implications for Epidemiology, Aetiology, and Pathophysio itions Can Stigmatize: iology Persistent Enteroviral Infections Enteroviruses in ME/CFS, Diagnosis and Treatment Coffee/Tea Break Diastolic Dysfun nction in ME/CFS: A Cardiac Manifestation of Cellular Energy Defects in ME/CFS. Study of SNPs to determine subtype status in CFS patients Lunch Immunological Biomarkers in ME/CFS Presence of Retrovirus as a Biomarker for ME/CFS Coffee/Tea Break Future Pathway ys of Research into ME Plenary Session Adjourn Ways to help Invest in ME • Wristbands Suppo ort biomedical research into ME – IiME • Donate to the Invest in ME Biomedical research Fund • Donate to IiME Support ME Aware http://www.investinme.org/helpus.htm eness Invest in ME (Charity Nr. 1114035) Invest in ME www.investi inme.org Page 56/56 An Implications of XMRV Research for ME/CFS Dr J nette Whittemore Judy Mikovits PhD Professor Hooper + Presenters Dr Nancy Klimas MD Professor Brigitte Huber PhD Pr Ch Dr J ofessor Nora apman PhD John Chia vest in ME Pro Jaso ofessor Leonard son PhD ntterna onall ME//CFS 24tth May 2010 CCoonnffeerreennccee AAggeennddaa May 2010 www.investinme.org Dr Paul Cheney MD, PhD Dr J PhD Jonathan Kerr MD, D

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