Journal of IiME Volume 4 Issue 1 www.investinme.org Around Europe – Film on ME "Make me well!" "Make me well!" I became interested in ME when a colleague told me he had a family member who had to be sheltered in a dark room. And that family member had done this for several months already. I had met them at work just one year earlier. He was 26 years old then and had all his life ahead of him. I could almost not believe that was true. I had to find out more about this. I began to read a little on the subject and talking more with my colleague about how the situation was in their home. This was a young couple who had just become parents. Also a very difficult situation when one of the parents cannot participate in the development of the child. I fully understand that they did not want to have a camera close in the next few years. But my interest in the topic had developed by then. My colleague meets a lot of people, among them 38 year old Anette Gilje, one Sunday evening at McDonalds. She had rested all day to join her friend for a little outing. My "man" comes into conversation with the ladies. They start talking about ME and he said that I'm interested in doing something on the subject. Anette had by then been ill for 12 years after having caught glandular fever in 1995. In 2000 she was diagnosed with ME. Anette was now so determined to find out how she could get rid of this something that was in her body that she was willing to let a camera follow her. Anette was used to being in the spotlight when she released a book about the controversial father of the Norwegian princess. But even for her, it was unusual that someone would film her while she was poorly. There were only very few who had seen her like that. We began the long and winding road to the target "Make Me Well!" First there was the new miracle cure that had just arrived in Norway, the Lightning Process in which 85% are cured after three days. And those who do not recover do not do the process correctly. Anette had to go through an interview process before she was to be found worthy of a place on the course. And the course would begin on nothing less than the 17th of May, the Norwegian National Day. Happily and optimistically Anette drives the wheelchair down the city centre to the course. I can only film the introduction, not the course itself. Then I wait in the hallway and watch the 17 May procession that Invest in ME (Charity Nr. 1114035) But then she heard that there was a Belgian doctor in Norway, Kenny De Meirleir, working with a group of ME patients. Anette managed to get a place in this group. Blood samples were taken and sent to different places in the world. Anette was excited. She felt that this was to be or not to be believed that something was wrong with her body. Weeks go by and then the appointment with Dr. De Meirleir arrives. He says that Anette has a systemic mycoplasma infection which they need to begin to treat before they get more information from the other blood samples. Anette is delighted that something is wrong with her?! It seems like Page 43/56 moves up to the castle. Back home Anette moves out furniture and objects that remind her of the disease. She has been told that she has imagined herself ill in all these years. But now it is over. Now she has to create a new positive thinking pattern. And then she has to begin to live like others, write, exercise, walk, dance, meet friends, etc. Course days are over and Anette has not been cured. Yet she continues to do the process, hoping that things will loosen up over time. But weeks go by and the more Anette lives like others, the more distant she becomes and the less her body seems to be functioning. In Norway there are several experts who believe that the reason people do not get better from ME is because their brains have not realised that the body is healed. Anette talks to a doctor who has a PhD in this line of thinking - an approach similar to the theories of the Lightning Process. Has Anette really kept herself sick all these years? Anette’s doctor, Barbara Baumgarten (who attended the Invest in ME conference last year), asks her anyway to stop the process if it is not helping her. She thinks it is not helpful to say that you are healthy if the body is not functioning. Anette retrieves her furniture and starts to rest again as before. But she has not lost her courage. She is a positive person. In Norway there is a centre that uses pulse diagnostics among other things to cure ME patients with a focus on massage, meditation, and healthy food and rest. Anette received full boarding for a week. But when the week was over Anette still felt that the main problem had not disappeared. The flu like feeling was still there.

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