Journal of IiME Volume 4 Issue 1 www.investinme.org P Prroovviiddiinngg aa vvooiiccee ffoorr tthhoossee sseevveerreellyy aaffffeecctteedd wwii tthh MMyyaallggiicc E Enncceepphhaalloommyyeell ii tt iiss Lost Voices' is a book to help healthcare professionals, those in the media and people with ME in understanding Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). The name ' Lost Voices' refers both to the fact that people who are severely ill with ME are generally not in a position to make themselves heard, and also to the way that the prejudiced denial of ME - as an 'aberrant belief' rather than a devastating physical illness - has meant that often others are incapable of actually hearing and seeing what is being said and shown. 'Lost Voices' shows the impact of the illness on all family members, sufferers and carers. Yet it can educate the medical profession, the public and others and clearly shows the resilient character of people with ME and their families. The book is an A4 landscape size of extremely high quality with a laminated card cover. With over 120 pages of stories, pictures and information this is book truly encapsulates the tragedy of this illness and the way in which people with ME are left to exist in a twilight zone -left to deal with this illness by themselves. The book also contains facts about ME with The stories and photographs in 'Lost Voices' are provided by carers, families and, as far as possible, people with ME. The book allows an opportunity for people who are usually invisible and unheard to speak for themselves, so that their situation can be seen and understood more clearly. The book clearly and movingly shows the evidence of the devastating impact this physical disease has on individuals and their carers and families. It will help change a widespread lack of comprehension based on misinformation, vague definitions and manufactured statistics and raise awareness of the plight of ME sufferers. Invest in ME (Charity Nr. 1114035) contributions from experts such as Dr. John Chia, Dr Leonard Jason and Annette Whittemore. Please buy this book - for yourself or for friends, relatives or your GP - or suggest it as a gift for others to buy. This book will really make a difference. To order Lost Voices email to - info@investinme.org or go to our web page at – http://www.investinme.org/LostVoicesBook/Ii ME Lost Voices home.htm Price £8 (includes p&p) Page 2/56

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