Journal of IiME Volume 2 Issue 2 www.investinme.org Lost Voices is a powerful addition to Invest in ME’s library of educational aids. The book has been ongoing since our conference last May and Natalie, whose idea this was and who has devoted most of her waking hours to this project since our last London conference, has performed a quite amazing job. The book is of extremely high quality and is offered by Invest in ME at a reasonable price to allow more people to be able to purchase it. The early-purchase discount rate has been set with ME are left to exist in a twilight zone - left to deal with this illness by themselves and with no hope of a future. The moving stories convey the real picture of ME. And yet Lost Voices will show the resilient character of people with ME and their families. The book also contains facts about ME with contributions from experts such as Dr. John Chia, Dr Leonard Jason, Dr Vance Spence at £8.00 (£9.00 for European delivery and £11.00 for delivery elsewhere) and includes postage and packaging. This applies to all payments received before 1st January 2009. After that date the price will be £10 (£11 for European delivery and £13 for delivery elsewhere). The book is an A4 landscape size with a laminated card cover with pictures, mostly in colour. With around 120 pages of stories, pictures and information this is without doubt the only book around which truly encapsulates the tragedy of this illness and the way in which people Invest in ME (Charity Nr. 1114035) and Annette Whittemore of the WhittemorePeterson Institute. If there is one book on ME that you buy then make it Lost Voices. Please buy this book - for yourself or for friends, relatives or your GP - or suggest it as a gift for others to buy. This book will really make a difference. More details can be found by clicking here [http://www.investinme.org/LostVoicesBook/Ii ME Lost Voices home.htm]. Support ME Awareness – Invest in ME Page 74/74

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