Journal of IiME Volume 2 Issue 2 A Severe ME-aware nursing model Table 2 MIND : • What am I thinking about when I approach the severe ME/CFS sufferer? • Can I focus solely about what I am doing ? • Have I thought ahead about what potential issues might come up ? • Do I understand that ME/CFS is an organic, physical disease ? SPIRIT : • How do I feel about being with the patient ? • Can I connect with the patient and their need ? • Am I flowing with the right energy to make contact with the person ? BODY : • What is my intended posture ? Open ? • Partnership ? • Is my physical posture in keeping with my intention ? • Am I able to be gentle enough , when I help the patient ? • Am I too tired to help sensitively and carefully ? • Am I in pain anywhere myself ? EMOTION : • What is my emotional state ? • Is it going to have a good impact upon my interaction ? • Am I distracted about other issues ? • Am I distressed by the patient’s issues ? • Do I feel good about myself ? • How do I feel about the patient ? Because of the severity and the long-term nature of the illness and the ease with which any intervention can lead to a worsening rather than a bettering of illness, how the nurse approaches an evaluation is very significant. It must be remembered that the person with ME/CFS may have severe cognitive dysfunction, may not be able to write or read, speak, understand or cope with questions. A very gentle approach is essential in developing a partnership with people who have ME/CFS. An example Case Study (see Table 3) : (continued on page 40) Invest in ME (Charity Nr. 1114035) ME Story Now, nearly eight years later, going from a student at the top of my class with an unlimited future to a dependent, rather helpless person with no real hope for healing is something that only others in this situation can understand. Meeting new people, and having them ask, "what do you do?" makes me cringe. The amount of shame and isolation at times is unbearable, but there is also a glimmer of hope that with greater understanding will come better treatments or at least compassion. - Jessica Page 39/74 www.investinme.org (continued)

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