Journal of IiMER Volume 10 Issue 1 it possible for patients to show the types of research they want and need. We believe we can look forward, and expect even more rapid progress in the future – directed by agents of change which have been or are being created. The IIMEC11 conference and BRMEC6 research colloquium provide unique opportunities to begin this new decade of conferences with an intent to resolve ME once and for all. And for so many patients and their families this will not have come a moment too soon. Welcome to IIMEC11 and BRMEC6 Kathleen McCall CHAIRMAN INVEST IN ME -RESEARCH June 2016 IiMER chairman Kathleen McCall thanks our sponsors of IIMEC11 events Invest in ME (Charity Nr. 1114035) www.investinme.org Page 7 of 77

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