Journal of IiMER Volume 10 Issue 1 June 2016 IIMEC11 PRESENTERS CD24 was up-regulated or retained by newly generated B cells, we have been using cells from patients and controls to follow B cell development patterns in response to certain stimuli. We have also established an in vitro system in which we can compare the metabolic function of B cells in ME/CFS patients with healthy controls. This system can also be used to examine the effect of soluble factors such as cytokines and antibodies and agonists/antagonists binding receptors shared between the immune and nervous systems. G. Cambridge, PhD, Principal Investigator. Professor Tom Wileman Professor of Infection and Immunity & Director at Biomedical Research Centre at University of East Anglia, Norfolk, UK Professor Wileman is Professor of Infection and Immunity & Director and Director at Biomedical Research Centre at Univ. of East Anglia. He was Head of Dep. Immunology and Pathology and Virus Cell Biology Group at Institute of Animal Health; Assistant Professor at Dep. Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Claudia Adam's Barr Investigator in Cancer Research, Dept. Molecular Immunology, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School; Fellow of the Parker Francis Pulmonary Research Foundation, Dept. Cell Biology, Washington Univ. Medical School. ABSTRACT: Tom Wileman The human virome contains eukaryotic viruses that infect host cells and prokaryotic viruses that infect bacterial communities within the microbiota. The virome of healthy individuals interacts with the microbiota and the host immune system to set an inflammatory threshold that can influence susceptibility to many diseases Invest in ME (Charity Nr. 1114035) www.investinme.org Page 64 of 77

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