Journal of IiMER Volume 10 Issue 1 This strategy has been augmented with education of, and participation in our research projects by, medical students - enhancing theirs and their peers’ education about ME and building a base for the next generation of researchers. We have for many years also been introducing new areas of research and new researchers into the field of ME – a new idea initiated by the charity to mainstream research into ME. Last year the charity proposed and facilitated the establishment of the European ME Research Group - a group of top European researchers who will collaborate and establish multi-site international biomedical research projects which will overturn decades of miserly funding being directed to ME research and which has discouraged good research to be formulated or performed. The charity is at the heart of European cooperation with its participation in the formation of the European ME Alliance involving 13 countries in Europe and with the potential to achieve. The Invest in ME strategy of bringing in researchers from other fields to help and improve biomedical research into ME has been successful and well worth the effort and cost. June 2016 Our conferences bring together patients, researchers, clinicians and healthcare staff and allow knowledge and experiences to be shared – and has been doing so for eleven years. Our research colloquiums are bringing together high-calibre international researchers – concentrating on biomedical research - that can help us understand the cause/s and pathomechanisms of ME. The charity's proposal for a Centre of Excellence for ME is possible to achieve and it has set a target which can be reached if enough support is given. Our supporters deserve recognition for all their support and efforts to bring change to the landscape of ME research and perception. Due to imaginative and positive support such as the Let’s Do It for ME campaign and thanks to dedicated supporters the charity enters a new decade which promises to transition all the efforts of the past ten years into benefits for all patients and their families - and also for healthcare staff. All of this brings momentum which then spawns changes elsewhere - by influencing others, by interesting scientists and researchers in new research areas and establishing a change in how ME is perceived. Invest in ME (Charity Nr. 1114035) www.investinme.org Page 5 of 77

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