Journal of IiMER Volume 10 Issue 1 http://me-forskning.no/oppdateringfra-haukeland-om-prosjektet-pagenetisk-predisposisjon/ 10 May 2016 Update, RituxME study Multi-centre study RituxME completed enrolment of all 152 participants in September 2015. By the summer holidays, all patients in Bergen, Trondheim, Notodden and Oslo will have completed their course of treatment, and study centre in Tromsø provides final treatment in September. As known RituxME is a double blind study, meaning that neither the patient nor treating personnel know whether the individual patient is receiving active medication or placebo. Blinding is maintained until the last participant has finished one year of follow-up after stopping treatment, and we will therefore be able to break the code in September 2017. The results of RituxME study will be published in a scientific paper during 2018. Research biobank at Haukeland University Hospital has been expanded with blood tests before treatment from all participants, and together with samples from previous studies and the ongoing cyclophosphamide study, these blood samples form a unique source for research on disease mechanisms and a possible biomarker. Invest in ME (Charity Nr. 1114035) www.investinme.org Page 42 of 77 June 2016 There is currently a lot going on in the laboratory at Haukeland, and there is collaboration with several national and international institutions on studies such as autoantibodies, immune signatures, cell metabolism and genetics, where samples from the biobank are being used. We continue to collect samples for the Biobank at fixed time points during the trial, right until the last patient has completed follow-up. Kari Sørland Programme coordinator http://me-forskning.no/oppdateringfra-haukeland-om-rituxme-studien/

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