News from N What happens after 3rd May? The Norwegian Research Council will set up a broad based user panel that consists of patients, family members, healthcare professionals, healthcare authorities and researchers who will advise on the research need and type of research that would be useful for patients with CFS/ME. This will be achieved through a three stage process toward prioritising concrete research projects. The first task of the user panel would be to evaluate proposals or research questions that have been received by the 3rd May deadline (stage 1). Based on the user panel’s prioritisation of proposals the Research Council will send out a call for researchers to respond to. In the first instance researchers are invited to send in a simple application with a short project description (stage 2). The user panel evaluates and grades the applications on the basis of how they answer the need and expected benefit set out in the call. A selection of researchers who have sent in applications will be then invited to send in full applications (stage 3). These applications will be treated in a similar manner as ordinary applications to the health programmes. The planned deadline for a simplified application will be 7th September and for the full application 23rd November 2016. The Research Council will publish a short general report on the research proposals that have been received. The announcement and invitation for a simplified application (stage 2) is scheduled to be published on the Research Council’s website in June. None of the user panel members can submit or be involved in an application for a research project. Names of the panel members will be announced in early May. o rway

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