Journal of IiMER Volume 10 Issue 1 from Catalonia, 7 from Galicia, 22 from Madrid, 1 from Murcia, 14 from Navarra, 5 from the Basque Country, 3 from La Rioja and 18 from Valencia. The most significant result in this study is the incidence, amongst PWME, of risk of suicide which is 12.75%, compared to the incidence in the general Spanish population which is 2.3%. The incidence of depression amongst these PWME is 57.25%, compared to the incidence in the general Spanish population which is 4%. And the incidence of hopelessness amongst these PWME is 66.85% (there are no studies of hopelessness in the general Spanish population). Some of the reasons which have been found to be associated in a significant manner to depression, hopelessness and risk of suicide amongst PWME, include: To risk of suicide: Not having medical care. Having ME/CFS affect their capacity to earn a living and the worsening of the economic situation of their family unit. Having to turn to family members for help with activities of daily life. Not being listened to by doctors. To depression and hopelessness: Having been put down and not treated properly by the health care system. Not having regular medical follow-up. Having been sent for psychological or psychiatric treatment and been labelled as “rebellious patient”. Having lost their job. Having lost friendships due to the illness. June 2016 Not being believed when mentioning the effects on their health of chemical agents (chemical sensitivities). Having had their intimate (sexual) relationships affected by ME/CFS. Having had ME/CFS affect their economic situation. CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS The results of this study are very important because they show that: PWME have the most significant areas of their lives affected by this illness. PWME feel invisible in all aspects of their daily life. The disruption crated by the symptoms of ME/CFS added to the negative experiences lived by PWME are related, in a very significant manner, to depression, hopelessness and to risk of suicide. Spanish PWME have higher levels of depression, hopelessness and risk of suicide than the rest of Spanish society. Some of the Preventive Measures that the author, Juan Jimenez-Ortiz, proposes are: The abandonment and neglect that Spanish PWME live with from the health care system, from the employment world and from their social and family lives has to be denounced and taken seriously. This abandonment and neglect generates suffering among these PWME. There is an urgent need to organize and carry out educational and training activities about ME/CFS for health care workers, families and society in general. FOR MORE INFORMATION: info@ligasfc.org Invest in ME (Charity Nr. 1114035) www.investinme.org Page 32 of 77

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