Journal of IiMER Volume 10 Issue 1 June 2016 Creating a New Vision of Research into ME in Europe For a long time it has been the objective of Invest in ME to forge international collaborations between researchers. IiME is a member of the European ME Alliance (EMEA) and recently EMEA has joined the European Federation of Neurological Associations in order to promote ME in Europe. With our EMEA colleagues we also had discussions on forming a European Advisory Board which would allow EMEA to discuss, initiate and fund biomedical research into ME. This led to further development of the idea. During the Invest in ME BRMEC5 Colloquium in May 2015 discussions with European researchers were conducted about the future of ME research and how better to coordinate and link together research activity in several European countries. Based upon these conversations there appeared to be overwhelming support and enthusiasm from the group of researchers whom IiME/EMEA have brought together to work cooperatively and more effectively. Forming a group or consortium of European researchers represents a very progressive step in not only helping to establish new collaborations and cement on-going ones but also in developing new research ideas and Invest in ME (Charity Nr. 1114035) www.investinme.org Page 29 of 77 priorities and bidding for funds that would allow us to work together on joint projects. This is the genesis of EMERG - The European ME Research Group IiME convened the inaugural meeting in London in October 2015 to bring this together in the hope that rapid and lasting progress can be made in the research, treatment and cure for myalgic encephalomyelitis. EMERG has a vision of working collaboratively to increase biomedical research into myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) in order to find cause(s), treatment(s) and understanding about the disease. This provides a powerful combination of campaigning and raising of awareness, building new research and accumulation of data based on collaboration and sharing of experiences and knowledge, which will allow rapid progress in the building up a strategy of high-quality research into ME.

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