Journal of IiMER Volume 10 Issue 1 Our Objective A Centre of Excellence for ME in East Anglia, within the Norwich Research Park, utilising and based on existing facilities and resources would provide a hub of scientific and clinical excellence for ME within Europe The research arm would be funded initially by private/charitable donations but these preliminary research projects, coordinated in a strategy, would lead to grant applications to major public research funding bodies The clinical diagnosis and treatment arm would be funded eventually by the NHS - a key objective is that treatments are made available for all. Service Commissioning Current status A GP referral, via normal NHS channels to a consultant-led service that links with GPs with special interest. Treatment of patients would be based on sound scientific evidence A hub and spoke model would exist which would allow dissemination of expert knowledge to GPs and/or ME clinics nationwide and internationally. Out of area referrals would generate income. Training opportunities for medical students and other consultants, nurses etc. would exist. A unique training establishment would be possible Benefits Our proposal is a unique opportunity to establish European hub of scientific and clinical excellence in Norwich Research Park Early and correct diagnosis of patients would apply for all UK patients. Several medical students funded by IiMER have been intercalating in their medical degrees and we will continue to do this with more already planned More plans exist to develop a strategy of research involving international collaboration Invest in ME (Charity Nr. 1114035) www.investinme.org Page 27 of 77 All elements of the centre model exist and are ready to be integrated, with the exception of a lead ME consultant that the charity is progressing in discussions with relevant parties. The Foundation project at IFR/UEA examining the gut microbiota in ME patients started in October 2013. In the autumn of 2016 there will be two more PhDs starting and a further PhD student funded by IiME is currently being advertised. B-cell research as part of a rituximab clinical trial project began at UCL in 2014 and continues with a PhD currently working and a student being funded later in the year. June 2016 The establishment of standard protocols for effective diagnosis and clinical trials would be complemented by development of effective treatments, leading to highly significant public savings. The hub and spoke model would address seriously inadequate levels of clinical service for ME in East Anglia and nationwide The development of a network of domiciliary services to support severely affected patients (currently seriously neglected by the health service and previously left out of research into ME). Savings on existing consultant referrals and staff - ME examination focused in one area The project is financially viable – the Centre can start small and grow as further funding becomes available

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