Journal of IiME Volume 1 Issue 2 E EDDUUCCAATTIIOONNAALL MMAATTEERRIIAALL ff rroomm II iiMMEE Canadian Guidelines Invest in ME are the UK distributors for the Canadian Guidelines. Described even by NICE as “the most stringent” guidelines available these are proper, up-to-date clinical guidelines which can also be used as a base for research criteria. Findings from the study by Leonard A. Jason PhD (Comparing the Fukuda et al. Criteria and the Canadian Case Definition for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) indicated that the Canadian criteria captured many of the cardiopulmonary and neurological abnormalities, which were not currently assessed by the Fukuda criteria. The Canadian criteria also selected cases with 'less psychiatric co-morbidity, more physical functional impairment, and more fatigue/weakness, neuropsychiatric, and neurological symptoms' and individuals selected by these criteria were significantly different from psychiatric controls with CFS. The Canadian Guidelines provide a means for clearly diagnosing ME and were developed specifically for that purpose. They are an internationally accepted set of guidelines for which many in the ME community have been campaigning to be adopted as the standard set of guidelines for diagnosing ME. The Canadian Guidelines are available from IiME and the price is 46p per copy plus postage & packaging. To order please contact Invest in ME via this email address: info@investinme.org www.investinme.org Order our free newsletter. We aim to publish monthly via html, plain text or PDF. S Suupp pp oo rr tt II nn tt ee rr nn aa tt ii oo nn aa ll MM EE AA wwaa rr ee nn ee ss ss MMoo nn tt hh MMaa yy 2 200 00 88 w wwwww.. ii nn vv ee ss tt ii nnmmee .. oo rr gg Invest in ME Charity Nr 1114035 Page 72/72

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