Journal of IiME Volume 1 Issue 2 www.investinme.org The IiME International ME/CFS Conference London 23rd May 2008 W Weellccoommee t too LLoonnddoonn We believe it is important to provide a possibility for people within government, health departments, social services, education and the media to be able to be informed of the the status of research, treatment and information related to Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. Invest in ME offers the chance for researchers, medical practitioners, healthcare staff, people connected with, or interested in, the care of people with ME to present at the conference. We again hope to provide platforms for the following - • Epidemiology • Diagnosis • Pathology • Treatments and Protocols for ME • Research • Nutrition • Care The conference will again highlight the need for empirical evidence based on valid, modern and scientific diagnostic and treatment protocols. The conference will provide a chance to hear the latest news on ME from the most prominent speakers within the ME community - in ME Awareness Month 2008. ME Conference Comments "…thanks for organising a conference with such impressive speakers & at such reasonable cost. As a humble parent, most conferences are completely out of my price range, so was really delighted to be able to attend. I picked up lots of info & have realised that I need to do loads more h/w to really be on top of all the stuff that’s been discovered since my daughter first became ill – 10 yrs ago." – Helen “Many thanks for the wonderful conference. It was a great atmosphere and very uplifting to know of the wonderful work and people involved in helping us ME Sufferers. … It was a conference of excellence and it honoured us as well as raising us up!” – Jane “I profited so much, I learned so much, I've met so many people I haven't met before - all this was so impressive.” - Regina “I thought it was fantastic, massively informative, encouraging, inspiring, necessary. It was very powerful hearing so much material from the doctors, researchers and speakers themselves, very, very impressive. I do agree that the speakers all came across as deeply humane. As a patient there was an enormous amount of useful applicable material and info on research hot from the lab so to speak. “ – Nikki The above pictures of London and the conference were taken by Regina Klos (www.cfs-aktuell.de). More pictures from the conference taken by Regina may be found herehttp://www.investinme.org/International%20ME%20Confer ence%202007%20-%20review%20gallery%202.htm Invest in ME Charity Nr 1114035 See other comments at http://www.investinme.org/International%20ME%2 0Conference%202007%20%20review%20feedback.htm Page 70/72

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