Journal of IiME Volume 2 Issue 1 www.investinme.org PROFILES/PRESENTATIONS at the IiME INTERNATIONAL ME/CFS CONFERENCE Dr Irving Spurr Dr Irving Spurr is a GP with 30 years in practice and has over 20 years of experience of running ME/CFS diagnostic and treatment clinics. Dr Spurr worked with the late Dr John Richardson on enteroviruses and their implication in ME/CFS and has been a Trustee and the chairman of the John Richardson Research Group for 20 years, and is currently the chairman of the group. C Coonnffeerreennccee PPrreesseennttaatt iioonn A GP’s experience of Diagnosis and Treatment of ME/CFS Dr Jean Monro Dr. Jean Monro is the Medical Director of the Breakspear Hospital and is an internationally recognised specialist in environmental medicine. Dr Monro is a Fellow of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, a Board Certified US examination. Dr Monro has previously been Medical Advisor to Sanity and Medical Advisor to the Coeliac Association. In early 2007, Dr Monro was asked to be a witness for the House of Lords' Select Committee on Science and Technology on allergy treatments. Dr Jean Monro has a background in hospital general medicine and worked at the National Hospital for Nervous Diseases, Queen Square, London, researching migraine and multiple sclerosis. She entered full-time practice in environmental medicine in 1982 and in 1988 established Breakspear Hospital for allergy and environmental medicine She has many publications to her name and regularly speaks at conferences worldwide. C Coonnffeerreennccee PPrreesseennttaatt iioonn C Caassee SSttuuddiieess ooff DDiiaaggnnoossiiss aanndd TT rreeaattmmeenntt ss ooff MMEE//CCFFSS Additional links for Dr Monro: • http://www.breakspearmedical.com/ Invest in ME (Charity Nr 1114035) Page 17

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