s fc 5 Brakeblll Ave Biakebill five Unity Christian Church S? i i « 33 i MEMPHIS FAMILY PRACTICE SPECIALITY a m m m m mmmm SITE FIRSTRATE i INVESTMENTS pp PP 00 °q 8 Tfco i BROWN r r Vir.INlTY MAP NTS N Winchester Rd Graves & Winchester Church « Winchester ftd V Q $ 2§ s Winchester Rd s ?> ! g % I ' e 1 £ 3 01 y s i£ 9 i 5 CARRUTHERS i i r LACY i I Q o< CE 3E UJ oi ai cc oo O CO O O r I I WEBB WELLS in oo o R 1 CM O CM i I •n ^ .(/> i i FAULKNER i North I i SEGREST i i i 60 0 60 graphic scale in feet SCALE: t”=60’ DAVIS © i “ RELEASED “Sr * i The kuykindall Reaves Firm INCORPORATH) Engineering I Landscape Architecture www.ReavesRim.com CONCEPT PLAN OWNER: 9.814 ACRES MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE APRIL, 2020 PARCEL 77-04-10 PD 20-___ ^EMENTARY-----SHELBY COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION SHEET 1 OF 1 copyright 2020 - The Reaves Firm, Incorporated

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