DocuSign Envelope ID: E0DCF1BB-5E00-44A7-B64D-A0C169C19FCF •if . ‘Vfy Tom Leatherwood, Shelby County Register of Deeds: Instr. # K59367 si pffry. f ?. :?t s' K5 2 - I their hands and seals, this a^^day of IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, the said grantors have hereunto set '’tnAX&tJ . 1975. SHELBY COUNTY BOARD By: w. Fremlf'poSetft lUCATION Chairman yiijz//zs^ 7&)L‘/j'/;'.______ William A. Wilder, Vice Chairman 4 Mrs. D. O. Andrews, Jr. . 10-A. (l W. Sy^Howard Blair T. Hunt - - - - Mrfe/' Rheba Hoffm&rfn I, \Artt2T7U43l Roland Woodson i • STATE OF TENNESSEE COUNTY OF SHELBY On this X X Public in and for said State ahd County, duly commissioned and quali-y day of n « ?«SS2^211^appeared W- FRANK POSEY, WILLIAM A. WILDER, MRS. D. O. ANDREEVS, JR., W. S. HOWARD, BLAIR T. HUNT, MRS. RHEBA HOFFMANN tv the same as their free act and deed. above written 5.5SS.J? y{2. My" . &**/■/ ’ % & (!.:• 5-* &F ■ ’ ) \ expires: V-' '• •'; $4.00 -• 'ifiiis ^stAlaent prepared by: Board-of.EdticatlPn of the Memphis City Schools 2597 Avery Avenue Memphis, Tennessee 38112 Mail tax bills to: NONE Governmental Authority Transfer Tax: NONE Governmental Authority (Graves Property) Notary Public - executed h3nd and Notarial Seal at office, the day and year * Return to: John J. Delius, Attorney ii!nsSut,i T1*tl0 Con’pany» Kn«5 9 3 6 7 J181 Poplar Avenue Memphis, Tennessee 38111 STATE TAX__________ REB.FEE_-_________ REi:.rEE._^4^„. 31‘I II) 27’m ft) TATE Or TENNC C .»»: T A T

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