complaint being addressed directly to Planning Director and Administrator Josh Whitehead, AICP, of the Memphis and Shelby County, TN Office of Planning and Development. The attached pictures clearly reveal that over the years Waste Connections of TN, LLC has continuously expanded their operations which is in direct violation of their deed which clearly states that any expansion of any type is only allowed with approval from the Office of Planning and Development. Let me be clear that this complaint is not just concerned with the current proposal that is currently under review. We are now speaking to the continuous illegal expansion that Waste Connections of TN, LLC have made which have seemly continued to go unnoticed over the years. We, the citizens of this area, depend on the City of Memphis, the only obvious entity that can enforce this provision, to do so; however, if we find it necessary, we will seek to obtain legal counsel to stop this proposal from going forward. Thus, we stand firm as we believe that the landowners who have adjoining properties to the proposed Waste Connections of TN, LLC development, the very people who the deed was meant to benefit, should be given the right to enforce this provision of this deed in a court of law should the City of Memphis continue to refuse to carry out its duty to do so on behalf of the community. This fact along with these pictures are proof that Waste Connections of TN, LLC is guilty of continuously violating the restrictions of its own deed and that the City of Memphis is certainly questionable for not enforcing its own policies and rules as written. Furthermore, we again would like to request that no subsequent application for the same or a similar use submitted by any party for any part of the subject property should be heard without proper notification as stated above being submitted until 24 months have elapsed from the original date of application or the date of denial, or from the date any appeal thereof becomes final, whichever is later and that there shall be no decision to waive the time-lapse requirements of this section since doing so is not in the best interest of the public or the neighborhood most highly affected. You have also failed to honor this request that was made in September 2018. With Highest Regards, The MRNDA of Memphis, Inc.. Dr. Yvonne D. Nelson, Founding Member and President LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. THIS IS OUR DAILY TRASHY LOOK TO TRAVELERS ON BROOKS ROAD... 25

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