PHOTOS By Tony Wright Thank you for supporting your 25-year old neighborhood association where the dues are still $25/household per year. There are not many neighborhoods that equal the one you live in which I’m sure is why you moved here in the first place. It is and has always been our goal to preserve McCorkle Road and its surrounding areas which include all of 38116. If you cannot pay $25.00 at once, please get on our 4-Pay Plan which allows you to pay a flat $5.00 once a quarter in January, April, July, and October or our 5-Pay Plan where you pay a flat $5 in January, March, May, July, and September. To enroll in either plan requires your initial payment to be paid no later than January 31st of every year and plans that are not fulfilled as agreed must be brought current before requesting to re-enroll in your neighborhood association. In the past, we have sponsored several End-of-Year Celebrations where we invite neighboring associations to join us as we bring our city leaders and administrators out of their offices to tell you what they are in charge of in our great city. These lunch- or dinner-type come-as-you are events include the majority of the cost of member’s dinners, may include musical entertainment, administrators, and special guests listening sessions. This is not the place where we air our concerns, so please don’t plan to come to complain. After all, it will be the holiday season and we want to remain joyous! Please remember to email mccorkleroad@aol.com or to phone (901) 300-0250 to express your desire to attend today. 8

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