MONTHLY COMMUNITY PRAYER PARTNERSHI P MEET ING WHO: WHAT: WHEN: WHERE: WHY: Everyone is welcome! Organizer, Wendell Donelson, Bluebird Estates Community Prayer Partnership Meeting 4th Tuesday of every month at 6 pm Raines Station Police Department, 791 E. Raines Road To assist in the reduction of crime through prayer Monthly community prayer partnership meetings have been held “practically every month since the spring of 2018,” said prayer organizer, Wendell Donelson, a resident of Bluebird Estates. “We have been told by Raines Station MPD that our prayers have made a measurable difference.” The group meets in the meeting room near the parking lot entrance of the Raines Station Police Department to pray for the community on a monthly basis. “There is power in agreement, so let’s unite our spirits and voices on behalf of our community,” said Donelson. “We can make a difference. We are inviting all to join us in prayer as we pray for our community. This effort is meant to impact all ills of our community, particularly crime. We don’t want to just murmur and complain, but instead invite God into our circumstances.” 30

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