BLUE LIGHT CAMERAS, ARE THEY COMING TO 38109 & 38116? A neighborhood meeting regarding blue light cameras sponsored by the Greater Paradise Church and hosted by Shelby County Commissioners Ed Ford Jr. and Eddie Jones, from 5 to 7 PM on Thursday, October 10, 2019. The free event, designed for residents in the areas each commissioner oversees, featured SkyCop, Inc., a local organization that works with local law enforcement to “equip, support, and educate them on how they can better utilize technology to keep Memphis safe.” The next meeting to address this process will be held at 3 PM on Monday, November 4, 2019. Please make plans to attend today. POTENTIAL BLUE LIGHT CAMERA LOCATIONS for 2020 INSTALLATIONS  Fields Avenue @ Kansas Street—35th Ward Civic Club  Autumn Branch Lane @ Raines Oak Drive—Audubon Oaks Neighborhood  Lakeview Road @Shady Hollow Road—Bluebird Park Estates Association  Shelby Drive @ Hodge Road—C.A.R.E.  Mill Branch Road at Shelby Drive—Gardenview/Graceland Farms Neighborhood Association  Levi Road @ Ford Road—Indian Hills Neighborhood Association  Holmes Road @ Leonard Road—Holmes-Tulane Neighborhood  Eyers Road @ Fields Road—Mt. Pisgah Heights Neighborhood Association 14 15  Old Hickory Hill Road @ Graceland Drive—Old Hickory Hills Neighborhood Association  Fairway Avenue @ Marty Street—Valley Forge Civic League  McCain Road @ Western Park Drive—Westwood Neighborhood Association  Shelby Drive @ Mickey Drive—Whitehaven Woodland View  Third Street @ East Rollins Road—Barton Heights Neighborhood Watch Association  Baskel Drive @ Carol Drive—Watchful Eye Neighborhood  Dearborn Street @ Levi Road—Westwood Meadows Neighborhood Association  Brooks Road @ McCorkle Road—McCorkle Road Neighborhood Development Association  Birchleaf Road @ Whitaker Drive—Oaks Acre Neighborhood Association  Mitchell Road @ Rochester Road—Walker Homes West Junction Neighborhood Association  Peebles Road @ Ford Road—Boxtown Neighborhood Association  Horn Lake Road @ Horn Lake Cove—Lakeview Gardens Neighborhood Association 26

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