Vol. 1, Issue 11 November 2019 KEEPING YOU UP-TO-DATE MONTHLY WITH THE LATEST DEVELOPMENTS IN SHELBY COUNTY, TN i LoveShe l byCoun t y . com The McCorkle Road Neighborhood Development Association celebrated National Night Out in October! PHOTO By Tony Wright LETTER FROM THE EDITOR By Yvonne D. Nelson, Ph.D. We trust that you have enjoyed reading NEWSCENE as much as we’ve enjoyed writing it and our prayer is that you will find it in your pocket to support our efforts by subscribing to our monthly newsmagazine! Please remember to subscribe online at iLoveShelbyCounty.com to get reminders about when monthly editions are published and more. For those of you who prefer a hard copy, thanks! Subscriptions are available year round for $84/year, $42/bi-annually, or $7/ month. You can call us at 901-300-0250, subscribe and/or pay online, or make your check made payable to DI’MANS, Inc. We are always looking forward to getting your emails at NEWSCENEShelbyCo@gmail.com. We can also be contacted by mail at DI’MANS, Inc. dba I Love Shelby County, P.O. Box 9146, Memphis, TN 38190-0146. Thank you, According to a February 1996 The Commercial Appeal article written by John Hubbell, the McCorkle Road Neighborhood Development Association (MRNDA), Inc. of Memphis, founded in March 1994, was already celebrating National Night Out at the time of his writing. The MRNDA celebrated National Night every second Tuesday in August until 2014. For years, the group encouraged Raines Station, and anyone else who would listen, to celebrate the event in October because the August heat was just to brutal. Besides, Texas was already celebrating in October so why couldn’t Tennessee? The MRNDA had complained for years to host the event in October, but no one seemed to be listening. Can you imagine the joy felt reading in mid-November 2018 that the Memphis Area Neighborhood Watch Office had succeeded in changing the date to October? We were elated and immediately began to announced our intentions to once again participate in the annual event for the first time in the past five years. We knew we had to come back strong after being gone from participating for so long, so our efforts were addressed to attack neighbors from all, especially the young homeowner, age groups. We did and after it was all said and done, we deemed the event a full success! Continued on Page 8

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