DocuSign Envelope ID: 93C11D68-B143-4195-BFB4-AEABDD763F88 Office of Planning and Development April 6, 2020 Page 2 Based on the above, the Applicant submits this Application for consideration and approval of the Proposed PUD and requests the support of OPD, Land Use Control Board, and the City Council so that the Applicant may repurpose the vacant, deteriorating school building and turn it into a productive asset that will increase property values in the area. The Applicant’s investment in the Whitehaven community and this Property will provide the highest and best use of this Property and will bring more jobs and opportunities to the residents of Whitehaven, which will contribute to the momentum that has been created in this important Memphis community. Among the professional consultants who will be associated with this Application are Harvey and Greg Marcom of The Reaves Firm, Mark Weaver of HBG Design, and Hunter Humphreys and Mark Jobe of Glankler Brown, PLLC. Thank you for your consideration of the attached 3398 Graves Road Planned Development Application. Please contact me if we can provide any additional information or respond to any questions you have concerning this Application. With best regards, GLANKLER BROWN, PLLC Mark T. Jobe

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