CHURCH SPOTL IGHT GREATER NEW SHILOH MBC (Top at Pulpit) Greater New Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church Pastor Franklin Collins and Lady Christy Collins. (Standing from left) members Anniece Greer, Norma Nelson, Alberta Echoles, Rosie Brown, Mary Devould, Mae F. Martin, Leola Merritt, Nora Patterson, Shirley Williams (rear), Mary Mitchell Harris, Hazel Devould, Mary Snow, Mona Jones, and Shirley Cole. Front (seated) Bessie Clark. It is recorded in the books that in the year of our Lord 1888, a group of concerned Christians organized the New Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church on Willow Road in southeast Shelby County, Tennessee. During the turbulent civil rights era of the 60s, the church was rebuilt and renamed Greater New Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church (GNSMBC), the name it is known by today. In its’ 132 years of existence, Greater New Shiloh MBC has been led by 20 men of the cloth, including master delegator and pastor, Franklin (Christy) Collins, who provides guidance to the GNSMBC flock today. Pastor Collins succeeded Rev. Dr. Fred C. Lofton (1928-2017), taking over the GNSMBC pulpit in 20??. Dr. Lofton, a Morehouse D. College graduate, was well known locally and nationally. He was Pastor Emeritus of Metropolitan Baptist Church (19722001) in South Memphis. Dr. Lofton came out of retirement at the request of a friend to lead the GNSMBC flock in 2007. He was installed as the senior pastor the following year. Dr. Lofton, who spent nearly half of his life in the ministry, died at the age of 89 in 2017. Among his many accomplishments were being an author, spiritual scholar, and President of the Progressive National Baptist Convention. 26

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