3 Who was Augusta Savage? C. 4 1892-1962 Story and Pictures By Dr. Yvonne D. Nelson The Joe Orgill Family Fund for Exhibitions will present “Augusta Savage: Renaissance Woman” at the Dixon Gallery & Gardens, 4339 Park Avenue, Memphis, TN 38117, through March 22, 2020. Savage was a black woman artist and sculptor who confronted issues specific to race, gender, and exclusion. Dr. Earnestine Jenkins, Professor of Art History at the University of Memphis Department of Art, presented a documentary and discussion on Savage from 2 to 3 pm on Sunday, January 26th. Jenkins posits, “Savage’s focus on the representation of Blacks and African American culture expanded creative possibilities for the segregated art world.” A brief discussion ensued after the lecture. Double click this LINK to hear part of the introduction and the entire onehour lecture. Malik ‘My King Jesus’ Johnson, Timon ‘Godz Warriah’ Clark, Terry ‘Troop Music’ Kilapatrick, and James Todd delivering the gospel to prisons. D. Click me! 17

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