(Top left) Douglass community golfers Odessa Dickens Hayes of the Hayes-Nickleberry Golf Classic and Pleas Jones. (Top right) Golfer, mentor, and trainer Dollar Sanders (left) and former trainee, then semi-pro golfer Pleas Jones. (Bottom left) African American golfers Pleas Jones, (from left), Mason West, and Walter Anderson at a Sickle Cell Golf Tournament. (Bottom right) Pleas Jones is pictured golfing in 1975. (Page 13, Top left) Pleas Jones with one of the larger Publix trophies before he returned it to the organization. (Page 13, Center) Friends and golfers Robert Elliott (deceased) of Humboldt, TN and Pleas Jones. (Page 13, right) Some of the many trophies won by semi-pro golfer, Pleas Jones, prior to him giving most of his trophies away. 12

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