HEAL THE HOOD FOUNDATION Basketball Game Fundraiser Heal the Hood (HTH) Foundation of Memphis is a nonprofit organization that provides positive outlets for youth of all ages and young adults through singing, dancing, art, acting, motivational speaking, screen writing, and modeling. Founded by LaDell Beamon in 2007, after seeing the lives of several youth being affected by the media, Beamon decided to use his talents of writing, acting, producing, and directing to become a catalyze for change through film. If we can positively influence our young people to think before they make decisions, get out of gangs, avoid outcomes that result from peer pressure, stay away from drugs and alcohol, steer away from weapons and other mass destruction, then we have just saved someone’s life and helped them to be the dynamic person they were created to be. The mission of the Hero Empowerment Center (HEC) is to create an artistic therapy platform that cultivates and equips youth to use their gifts and talents to positively shape the community around them. The HEC uses creative and strategic partnerships to shape three core areas of youth that become a part. Those three core areas are body, mind, and spirit. Facility includes: Comic Studio, Dance Studio, Martial Arts, Career and Leadership Program, College Prep, Guitar Lessons, Recording Studio, A Hero Shop, and so much more. The Evolution School of the Arts is a mobile after school program that brings the arts to your school or neighborhood. The program offers martial arts, instrumental music, audio producing and recording, dance, graphic arts and drama. These components are coupled with general sessions for all students in the form of life coaching. Our motto is “Don’t let you gift take you where you character can’t keep you.” Did we mention that all classes are taught from a Hero’s point of view? The Phases Mentoring Program is a premiere CLICK HERE TO DONATE 20 program that works in conjunction with the Wake Up Tour, Vision Team, and the Evolution School of the Arts. Youth are divided into gender-based sessions that speak on subjects that empower and inspire youth. Phases spans from 7 years of age to 21 years of age. The Young Women and Young Men sessions are conducted by Adult Mentors that use various speakers, innovative trips and fun sessions to create a relaxed platform for growth in today’s sometimes complicated world. Continued on Page 23

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